Sociale normen belangrijke motivatie om na te laten: uitkomsten UK onderzoek oktober 2016

In de UK zijn de uitkomsten van een onderzoek naar de motivatie om na te laten gepubliceerd. De belangrijkste conclusies uit dit Engelstalig onderzoek zijn:

  • Social norms messages are effective at increasing donations – people writing their wills for the first time, who heard that others had given, went on to donate roughly 40 per cent more than in the control condition.
  • Messages that aimed to frame legacy donations in the context of the good that could come from this act after the person had gone (posthumous benefit) consistently perform less well than other messages.
  • Discussing charitable bequests in the context of will-making and in face-to-face meetings is seen as highly appropriate. In an online survey conducted as part of the research, 46 per cent of respondents said that solicitors have a duty to ask clients about legacy giving, while most respondents were supportive of solicitors asking about charitable giving in wills, and viewed the social norms messages favourably.

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Geplaatst/gewijzigd op 19 oktober 2016